Get Cheap Flights To Maui, Hawaii

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How To Get Cheap Flights To Maui, Hawaii

Contrary to what most people think, there are many different things that you can do in order to get cheap flights to Maui, Hawaii. Most think that the destination is so exotic that the prices for tickets have to be high. That is not actually the case. You can put your hands on some really cheap tickets if you know what you need to do and look at. Let us see what things you need to think about when you need to find cheap flights to Maui.

What airport are you flying to?

This is always the first thing that you need to consider when you are looking to book cheap flights to Maui. There are various choices that you should look at. The closest major airport is Kahului Airport. It is a really popular choice because it offers both domestic and international flights and is located just 9 miles away from Maui. This is also the only airport that is recommended in the event that you want a direct international flight.

If you need to fly domestically to Maui, there are also other options that are available. These are Hana Airport (21 miles from Maui), Lanai Airport (40 miles from Maui) and Kapalua Airport (25 miles from Maui). If possible, you can look at international flights to other parts of US and then a domestic flight to the alternative airports to Kahului. You might find a better deal.

Where to buy from?

Most will just go to a local dealer or to a tourist agency to book their flight. You will notice that you can get cheap flights to Maui, Hawaii, when you use the Internet. There are some great sites that constantly offer deals in the area. Our personal favorite is, which currently has the best prices available on the market. In some cases you will even save around 20% when compared with local dealers and that is quite a big difference for most people.

Where to stay in Maui, Hawaii

After you follow the tips that were mentioned above, you should able to buy Maui cheap flights. This means that you have some extra money to spend but you should not simply focus on a stay at a more expensive hotel. Most people do that and they miss out on an opportunity that is much better and needs to be discussed.

Instead of staying at the hotel, how about renting a home? Maui house rental prices (see – are not at all high and when you do the math, the prices are almost the same with hotels. This is due to the fact that you save money on airplane tickets and on living expenses. When you rent in a home you can cook your own dinners and you will not be forced to eat in a restaurant every single night. At the same time, you get to live in luxury homes that will make you enjoy your stay in the area even more.

Another alternative is vacation rentals.  On Oahu, there’s an awesome vacation rental company on a beautiful resort –

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